The World is moving from service economy to a customer experience economy


After years and years of discussion, few organizations are structured to understand how the customer experience their services. However, this is often followed up by an admission that the organization does not know how to improve the customer experience, and has difficulty understanding exactly what it is.


Service design is a hot topic for value creation to a product. Service are experiences, and are much more important for service providers than in the product world.


So why are service experiences so poor? Because organizations are not oriented towards the customer’s experience, nobody has responsibility for it, and nobody gets a bonus based upon it.


We will soon begin to see experience – centric organizations, in which digitalization, technology platforms, value chains will all become tactical means to achieve the unique experiences that customers really value.
























Source: Pine & Gilmore “the experience economy”



Emotions are the elements that are triggered in our experiences. Our emotions are triggered by senses, memories, behaviors, interactions, context, mood and expectations.


As a Customer Experience designer, we want to trigger positive emotions as part of real time experiences. These experiences will then become memorable with positive connotations.


The way we remember things – experiences are remembered best.